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  • Will My Extended Health Care Plan Cover the Costs of Acupuncture & Massage Therapy?
    Most extended plans cover massage therapy and many offer direct billing. However, I always recommend checking with your insurance provider before your appointment to see how much is covered and whether you will need a note from your doctor in advance. You are responsible for payment if claims do not fully/partially cover the full cost of the treatment. Debit, Mastercard, Visa, cash (exact amount only), and email money transfer are all acceptable forms of payment. All clients are issued a receipt following treatment that they can use later for reimbursement.
  • Do You Offer Direct Billing?
    Yes! Direct billing is available with Alberta Blue Cross, Maximum benefits (Johnson Group Inc.), Sun Life, Great West Life, Manulife, Medavie Blue Cross, Green Shield Canada, RBC Insurance, SSQ Financial Group, Empire Life, Standard Life, Johnson, Desjardins, Express Scripts (Cowan), Industrial Alliance, Chambers of Commerce (Johnson Group), Sirius Benefits , Canada Life and RWAM.
  • What is Massage Therapy?
    Massage therapy works to improve health and wellness by manipulating soft tissues in the body including muscles, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy can be used to treat a variety of serious chronic pain conditions and muscle disorders as well as discomfort associated with occupational tasks, sports injuries, and beyond.
  • Is Massage Therapy Just For Relaxation?
    Massage therapy is a great source of relaxation for many, but is used for so much more than just that. When implemented properly, massage can lower blood pressure, ease tension headaches, elevate mood, decrease depression and anxiety, lower muscle tension, improve mobility, improve sleep quality, and promote health and wellness.
  • What Are The Benefits of Massage Therapy?
    In addition to improving your mental and physical wellbeing, massage therapy can be used to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions. Massage is also used to treat sports injuries, muscle spasms, and stress headaches. Some patients have even reported improved posture following a massage treatment.
  • What Can I Expect During My First Massage Treatment?
    You will first be required to complete a medical history form. After reviewing the form together and discussing your areas of concern, I will develop a treatment plan with goals, followed by your consent. I will then leave the room so you can undress privately and get comfortable on the massage table. Before I re-enter the room I will knock on the door to ensure you are fully covered and ready for my return. All areas of your body will be covered by the sheet unless I am specifically working on it.
  • How Often Should I Get a Massage?
    If you are focusing on a specific area that is causing you continued discomfort or pain, I recommend treatment every 1 – 2 weeks. Once the issue has been resolved, one preventative massage a month is ideal.
  • Can I Get A Massage If I’m Already in Pain?
    Yes! Massage therapy works to reduce inflammation, swelling and current levels of pain. I will ask what your level of pain or discomfort is throughout the treatment to ensure it is not too much to handle.
  • Will I Experience Muscle Soreness after My Massage?
    Yes, you may feel some soreness following your massage. Massage releases lactic acid in your muscles causing brief discomfort and soreness. Drink lots of water and rest directly after your appointment.
  • Can Anyone Get a Hot Stone Massage?
    Hot stone massage is not recommended if you are pregnant, have any immune system condition (such as Lupus, Cancer, Mononucleosis, etc), any skin conditions such as severe bruises, burns, shingles and/or any condition that results in a loss of sensation (ie: diabetes, Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disorder). Please provide a full list of any condition you may have prior to the treatment.
  • Do I Have To Take All My Clothes Off?
    No. You can wear as much clothing as you would like during your massage therapy session. Throughout the appointment, you are underneath a sheet unless I am working on a specific part. You need to be comfortable and relaxed in order for the treatment to be most effective, so if this requires you to stay fully clothed that is most optimal.
  • What Should I Expect For My First Treatment?
    When you arrive for your acupuncture appointment, you will be asked to fill out several intake forms, including one that details your medical history. We will then discuss your treatment plan and address any issues or concerns you may have. Then, we will begin the acupuncture treatment. The entire process will take approximately one hour. Depending on the issue of treatment, follow-up sessions will be required.
  • How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will I Need?
    It will depend on the area and issue you are treating. While some patients experience results immediately following the treatment, others need anywhere between 3 – 5 sessions before feeling relief. After we have worked through the main issue, I recommend monthly acupuncture sessions to maintain general wellbeing and to support your immune system.
  • Does Acupuncture Hurt?
    Not typically. Acupuncture needles are very fine. Depending on the area I am working on, you may feel numbness, a tingling sensation or electricity upon insertion. This is a desired and normal outcome, and means the treatment is effective. After acupuncture, most patients report feeling relaxed and calm.
  • Are The Acupuncture Needles Safe?
    Yes. Each acupuncture needle is pre-packaged and wrapped individually. They are sterile steel needles and are immediately disposed of following treatment.
  • What Do I Wear To My Acupuncture Appointment?
    I recommend wearing comfortable clothing that isn’t too tight. However, wear whatever you are most comfortable in as the treatment will be most effective when you’re relaxed.
  • What Can Acupuncture Treat?
    Acupunture can treat: Chronic pain Sports injuries Reproductive issue Anxiety Allergies Arthritis Depression Digestion Issues Fatigue Illness Injury Insomnia Migraines Nausea Neck pain Shoulder pain Smoking cessation Sports injuries Stress Weight issues Infertility PCOS Endometriosis Uterine fibroids Post-partum depression Menopause symptoms
  • What Is Your Cleaning Routine After Every Patient?
    I have implemented extensive cleaning and sanitizing regiments after every patient to ensure your uptmost safety. Post Treatment Cleaning Protocol: Dyson carbon air filter in common area. All surfaces will be disinfectant. Floors mobbed with bleach. Bathroom toilet, floor, sink, and soap/lotion dispensers cleaned with disinfectant. All massage tools cleaned with disinfectant. Linens and towels will be washed in hot water. Computer, water bottles, pens, etc (office equipment) will be disinfected. All chairs, massage tables, and accessories will be disinfected. Extra time has been allotted for extra cleaning.
  • What Is Your COVID-19 Protocol?
    Pre-Treatment: Pre-Screening COVID-19 Survey will be emailed 2 hours prior to appointment. Patients will be greeted 2 minutes before appointment time. Doors will be opened upon entering the clinic & treatment room to minimize contact. Hand sanitizer and temperature check will be provided. Paper towels are provided in the bathroom. During Treatment: Dyson carbon air filter will be on in treatment room. A clean face mask/shield and isolation gown will be worn at before/during/after treatment. Physical distancing will always be maintained when possible. Tissue, garbage, and sanitizer will be available at the entrance, bathroom, and treatment room. Floor is sectioned off to minimize contact. Towels will be provided on table for personal items. A clean floor mat and blanket will be used once per patient. After Treatment: Door will be opened upon verbal cues from the patient. Email money is preferred payment. Please email: A debit/credit machine will be available with tap function and hand sanitizer if necessary. Door to clinic will be opened to exit.
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