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Francesco has been giving me massages for a while now.  He is professional, meticulous and an expert in deep tissue massage.  He is engaged and continues to ask for feedback and provides advice and recommendations.


I have seen Francesco already as a student of massage therapy and me and my husband come and see him on a regular basis.. Francesco is very professional. We both feel that he does great massage for us and addresses the areas of the body that need it the most. We are very happy with his work.


Francesco is an amazing massage therapist. He takes the time to listen to your needs and is attentive to your specific problem areas. He also offers suggestions for things you can do at home that will help with pain relief. He makes sure you are the one driving the session. I would recommend him to anyone!


Francesco is one of my favourite Masseuses out there. He really listens and pays attention to my needs, and his wealth of knowledge and application of pressure, on top of his ability to really feel where the tension is, is outstanding. He not only goes above and beyond when it comes to skill, he always has top-of-the-line oils and gives simple and practical tips for at home care, which I love so I can maintain progress until my next massage.


Francesco Maio is an amazing massage therapist and does a fabulous job. He not only goes above and beyond when it comes to skill but makes sure you're comfortable and always asking if the pressure is ok or he has tune a bit up/down. I highly recommend him to anyone.


This was my first appointment with Francesco and I have to say that it felt as if I'd been getting therapeutic massage with him for years. During my 90-minute session, Francesco balanced knowledge, technique and communication skills that are essential for effective and beneficial deep tissue massage. I appreciated Francesco's ability to "read" my body and actually work with me. I walked out of there feeling invigorated and, for lack of a better word, fixed. Looking forward to my next session with him!

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