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Can Acupuncture Treat TMJ?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Do you suffer from TMJ and are looking for a drug-free and non-invasive approach to healing? Acupuncture might be the perfect fit. Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective treatment option for people experiencing Temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction. Patients with severe TMJ pain can feel immediate relief after just a few acupuncture treatments while more long-term sufferers may need more sessions over time.

Why Try Acupuncture For TMJ?

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that takes on a holistic approach to health and healing. Instead of acting as a form of pain management, acupuncture looks to treat the root cause of TMJ ultimately lessening the painful symptoms of the disorder. For example, stress, imbalance, anxiety, or tension could be causing the TMJ.

Acupuncture needles in back

Acupuncture works to resolve these issues by releasing the jaw from tightening and lessening swelling and muscle spasms. Additionally, acupuncture helps calm the mind, relieve stress, retune your bodily systems so they are in harmony with one another, improve digestion, flush toxins and improve sleep. All of which contribute to the healing of TMJ.

Looking At The Whole Picture

When I work with patients who are wanting relief from their TMJ symptoms, I take a holistic approach to treatment. That means I look at the whole picture including any environmental, mental, and lifestyle changes that can be made to support the acupuncture treatments and your healing.

We work together to establish potential causes of TMJ and then build a thorough treatment plan that addresses these causes. In conjunction with acupuncture, the goal is to disrupt the root cause while simultaneously lessening the painful symptoms TMJ like jaw pain, mouth clicking, headaches, and more.

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By looking at the whole picture, we can combine acupuncture treatment with stress reduction and relaxation techniques, jaw stretching exercises, massage therapy, modified chewing habits, and even some behavioral options so that you can work towards being a healthier version of yourself, free from the painful symptoms of TMJ.

Is There Evidence Supporting The Use of Acupuncture For TMJ?

Yes! As early as the 1970s, Western medical journals were publishing studies that supported the use of acupuncture as a way to relieve pain experiences through the face and jaw. Much more recent research has found that in some cases, acupuncture has reduced pain symptoms in TMJ sufferers by as much as 75%.

The US National Library of Medicine analyzed nine studies from 8 publications involving 231 patients and found that there was significant evidence to support the use of acupuncture therapy for TMJ symptoms, particularly patients with myofascial pain symptoms.

Is Acupuncture Right For Me?

Not sure if acupuncture is right for you? Have questions about your TMJ symptoms? I can help. As a Licensed and Registered Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist, I specialize in musculoskeletal conditions including TMJ. I have years of experience helping patients who have chronic pain and tension issues find relief from their symptoms.

I take a holistic approach to your healing which means getting to know you and the full picture of your health so we can maximize outcomes and pain relief. Perhaps you are struggling to eat or experiencing frequent jaw clicking. Maybe your TMJ tension headaches are increasing in severity and quantity. Or, perhaps you are grinding your teeth while you sleep which has now led to severe myofascial pain symptoms.

Man standing on street smiling

Through various acupuncture and massage techniques, we can work to relieve all these symptoms and put you on a track for a more fulfilled life. While there are more invasive forms of treatment including dental surgery and pain management through medication, acupuncture looks to heal in a less invasive way, addressing the source of the TMJ first.

If you are interested in booking a consultation, send me a DM on Instagram or book an appointment online today. Prefer to speak over the phone? No problem - call (780) 224-7111 and let’s chat about how acupuncture can help with your TMJ symptoms.

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