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Proud To Have The Best Edmonton Massage Reviews (And Clients)!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Having been a Massage Therapist in Edmonton for over a decade now, I have built some wonderful relationships with many of my patients. With massage, there are a lot of factors that come together to make it a rewarding, healing and beneficial experience. One of those factors is trust.

Massage therapist and patient on bed

Part of the reason I have been able to build a great clientele of massage clients is due as much to my many years of experience successfully treating all types of issues as it is due to the individualized care I offer. Having you trust the process and feel comfortable on the table is so important.

Woman laying on massage table

Proud To Have Some Of The Best Edmonton Massage Reviews Around

I feel truly blessed to have some of the best patients in Edmonton. Having been able to help so many with issues ranging from acute injuries to sports injuries and chronic pain problems live better, healthier and happier lives has been so rewarding. Here are some of my most recent Facebook and Google reviews.

5 Star Google Review

Francesco is an amazing healer! I have gone to visit him with both shoulder problems, upper back problems and lower back problems over the last year and I have felt 100% better within a day or two of receiving therapy from him. He is the best massage therapist that I have ever seen - hands down. Thank you, Francesco!
-Greg Woodard

5 Star Google Review

I've had some amazing massage therapists over the last 20+ years. I’ve found my fit. Francesco is knowledgeable, down-to-earth, easy-going, professional and kind. I feel welcome upon entering his studio and when I leave, I am grateful to have such a genuine and skillful therapist. He is thorough in assessing my needs before, during and after my sessions.
I appreciate Francesco’s unique ability to address my needs using various methods. Based on your comfort level, he is able to integrate several techniques, including deep tissue massage, cupping therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai massage and hot/cold stone therapy. He can even use his years of yoga teaching to assist those with musculoskeletal issues achieve better mobility and pain relief.
Francesco is a certified acupuncture specialist. His ability to integrate this modality into my therapy sessions is of great benefit to my overall well-being.
-Yvon Loiselle

5 Star Google Review

I have been coming to Francesco for massage and acupuncture treatments. I genuinely cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it has been. Before every treatment, he spends time asking questions and assessing my needs. Every time my concerns are addressed and I leave feeling amazing! It’s rare to find someone who is so skilled and suited to his profession. The treatment area is warm and welcoming.
No matter the stress level you have prior to your visit, you will soon be at ease and relaxed. He truly has a gift!
-Angela Cooper

Facebook Review

I had a massage by Fran for the first time about a month ago. It was honestly one of the best massages I’ve had. I've been struggling to find someone here in Canada. My last massage therapist I had for the past 25 years was in Houston and was everything to me.
Fran was very detailed oriented, took the time to listen to my concerns and made sure he addressed everything I needed including making sure I was comfortable the entire time. He used several different techniques which made the session worthwhile. I always get a 90 min session and definitely recommend it to everyone seeking a massage. Thanks, Fran, I look forward to coming back!
- Jodi Holt

5 Star Google Review

Great massage! Francesco took the time to listen to my concerns and was very thorough. He gave me stretches to do at home and spent a lot of time working on my trouble areas. I was able to move so much better after and my range of motion greatly improved in my neck. Highly recommend! Can't wait to go back.
-Jaylien Simonson

What Do I Specialize In?

I started my holistic journey in 2009 as a Certified Yoga Instructor and quickly came to realize the power of having an integrated approach to healing. From that point on I dived into the world of massage therapy, becoming a Certified Massage Therapist and Acupuncture Specialist. I’m Certified in Thai, Orthopaedic, Hot & Cold massage, electro-acupuncture and deep tissue and sports massage.

Cupping on back

What is most rewarding for me is helping people understand their issues from a more holistic framework. Then developing a thorough and effective treatment plan that addresses your specific pain points and helps you feel better.

Massage therapist stretching neck

I also believe in the importance of maintaining the successes we have on the table at home by giving you the right tools. That includes massage techniques you can do to lengthen the benefits of your treatments at home.

My Clinic is Located in West Edmonton

I am currently accepting new patients and would love to help you on your journey to a better life, whatever that may look like for you. Whether it's working through a chronic sports injury that is causing you pain or helping you manage pain symptoms associated with a number of issues like arthritis, back pain, neck pain, or stress and anxiety. I offer complimentary consultations or if you want, you can book an appointment online today.

Patient standing at desk talking to man at lap top

If you are looking for a regular massage therapist in Edmonton and would like to see me, please reach out in a way you are most comfortable with (Instagram, Facebook, Phone at (780) 224-7111, or Book an Appointment). My clinic is located at 9803 152 St NW and I hope to see you soon.

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