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The Surprising and Lesser Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Most of us think of a full-body massage as a great way to relax. Peaceful music, essential oils and a comfortable table to close your eyes and unwind on. But what is happening to your body during a massage might surprise you.

Person getting back massage

Beyond the feelings of bliss and relaxation comes a series of metabolic and transformational changes happening throughout the various systems of your body. Your nervous system becomes stimulated, your muscles and glands are woken up and a series of important chemical reactions happen across your cells and organs.

Combine that with the positive benefits it has for your skin, heart, and digestive system and massage therapy is your secret weapon to living a more rounded, holistic and healthy life.

The Surprising and Lesser-Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

Good For The Heart

Doctor with clipboard

Massage therapy is known to cause vasodilation. That is when your blood vessels widen as a result of the relaxation of the blood vessel’s muscular walls. Vasodilation also enhances blood flow to areas of your body that are low in nutrients or oxygen.

What does this all mean for your heart? Vasodilation relaxes and improves your cardiovascular system which can regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. With heart disease being a leading cause of death for Canadians, a strong heart can mean a lot when it comes to your health.

Good For The Digestive System

Person cutting veggies on kitchen counter

Your parasympathetic nervous system is what regulates your digestion and it needs certain chemicals to help move food through your intestines smoothly. When your parasympathetic nervous system is not working properly, it can cause a variety of issues like a functional gastrointestinal disorder which causes stomach pain, bloating, and other discomforts.

A full body massage can include an abdominal focus, which acts on your large intestine, helping to regular the final stages of digestion. This improves your ability to absorb nutrients and helps alleviate stomach cramping, gas and other uncomfortable issues related to indigestion. If you suffer from constant stomach aches, massage therapy might be the right tool to help aid digestion and decrease the discomfort.

Good For The Skin

Woman smiling with clear and radiant skin

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? Which means it needs a lot of healthy blood to look and feel great. During your massage, your muscles are stretched and contracted. When that happens blood and lymph fluid is released, bringing with it all kinds of good things for your skin. Fresh blood that's nutrient- and oxygen-dense breathes new life into your skin.

Good For The Immune System

Person eating salad on bed

There have been numerous studies that have shown massage therapy is beneficial for your immune system.

So how does it work?

Massage helps flush blood through your muscles and tissues. This in turn drains your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system helps balance your immune system by getting rid of dead cells, harmful pathogens and waste. A drained and clean lymphatic system is a stronger fighter against potential viruses.

Relaxation Massage in West Edmonton

There is no secret this year has been a challenge. Another wave of covid and uncertainty has caused so much stress in all our lives. Finding the tools to help you relax can make a lasting difference when it comes to navigating the stresses of our current day life.

Person getting deep tissue massage

Massage is a great way to release tension and anxiety, but it goes so much further than that. It slows your heart rate, improves blood flow to the skin, helps your digestive system and helps boost your immune system.

Located in West Edmonton, I offer a wide range of massage services and techniques including deep tissue massage, trigger points, sliding cupping, hot stone massage and more. If you are interested in booking an initial consultation, please call me today at (780) 224-7111. Or, feel free to book online at your convenience here.

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